Class Days & Camps



SDC Youth classes are opportunities for K to 12 students to come together once a week to support and supplement their existing studies with elective and extracurricular activities. Subjects range from elective courses such as multimedia art and theater to lab classes such as Apologia biology, chemistry, and physics. SDC Youth classes are offered in fall and spring, and students are welcome to enroll in one class or the full block of classes. Parents are free to drop off children for class days, or they are welcome to stay on our campus, observe classes, or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in our beautiful SDC cafe.

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A day camp is an opportunity for K-12 students to attend engaging and enriching classes right here at SDC! Our team will provide students with an option of up to three classes a day for “camp.” Students will learn new skills, make new friends, and enjoy a summer camp experience without the need for overnight stays. Camp classes include a variety of elective and academic options, from LEGO creations to science experiments, all designed with the goal of fostering a love of learning. Parents are free to drop off children or stay and observe camp classes. At the end of each camp week, students will participate in a lunch and awards ceremony recognizing students’ achievements.

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