About SDC Youth


A number of colleges and universities across the state offer supplemental academic support to K-12 students. However, the vast majority of these programs are secular in nature, furthering the divide between faith and academia. SDC offers a faith-based approach that is both biblically sound and academically excellent. SDC Youth offers a unique, creative, and individualized style of education—with the distinctive focus of a Christian foundation that helps individuals discover their unique design in Christ. SDC Youth classes and camps are taught by professors, pastors, and exemplary college students. We believe that this diverse, intergenerational mentor model provides a rich resource for academic and spiritual growth. Best of all, these creative and engaging weekly classes are priced at less than $7 a class!


SDC YOUTH PROMOTES CREATIVITY: SDC Youth believes that the arts exist to bring glory to the Creator, and through a multifaceted approach to arts education, SDC Youth offers a range of options for both academic and enrichment-oriented programming, including visual and performing arts. In an era where many schools are cutting back art programs due to budgetary constraints, SDC Youth provides supplemental elective and extracurricular options that help students discover and express their creativity.

SDC YOUTH FOSTERS LITERACY SKILLS: The need for fostering a love of reading and the skill of true literacy in a visual age is a serious and vital call for Christian institutions. SDC Youth endeavors to promote a love of literacy through its laboratory model. SDC staff supports the love of literacy through classroom discussions and targeted laboratory exercises.

SDC YOUTH STRENGTHENS COMMUNITY: In both scripture and neuroscience, the evidence is clearly presented: Humans were made for community. SDC Youth endeavors to partner with the local church and individual families within our region to create opportunities for generational and intergenerational community and mentoring. SDC Youth offers the opportunity for K to 12 students to join together in a learning community once a week where they will be sharpened, encouraged, and equipped to fulfill God’s call on their lives.

SDC YOUTH NURTURES A LOVE OF LEARNING: SDC Youth utilizes a practical, hands-on approach to learning in all of our classrooms and workshops in order to engage mind, body, and spirit in the academic process. Malcolm Knowles, the “father” of adult learning, taught that many Western models are built on pedagogical rather than androgogical approaches, creating a model that is less effective and more cumbersome for the adult learner– and often for learners in general. SDC Youth utilizes a Socratic model of learning in order to reach maximum efficiency and educational effectiveness. When a learner takes on more of the flame and less of the pail, to paraphrase Yeats, there is true transformation–and a love of learning ensues.

SDC Youth is a UCHE Academy program at San Diego Christian College. UCHE Academy is a 501c(3) religious non-profit organization (#453204647)